"Just a bit of paint to keep you high"


Welcome to my website Ver1astyle. Take a look in my collection of handpainted heels and handmade anklets. Each pair is a unique piece of art! If you're a fan of art and heels, this is the perfect place for you!

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High heel hug,



Welkom op mijn website Ver1astyle. Neem een kijkje in mijn collectie unieke handbeschilderde hakken en handgemaakte enkelbandjes. Als je van kunst en hakken houdt, dan is dit de perfecte plek voor jou!

Neem een kijkje in mijn shop!

Hoge hakken knuffel,


UPDATE April 2024

I will not be taking on any more custom orders for a while. I will keep you posted when there is space again. Check out the BIG SALE for painted heels that are still available.

This art piece is named after the author of the poem on the shoe, Arthur.

AND that's me. A true high heel lover. I paint heels, but also collect heels and of course wear them too ;)

Some of my collection

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