Starting on a nude, beige, sand base is the easiest if you want colours to pop out. If your base is dark, you will have to make it lighter first. That's easier to do on leather than on textile.

Just a small warning.... I've painted a lot of shoes over the years. I made a selection of pics for my gallery, but I still have around 600 pics. So what you see here is just a glimpse.


Zebulon, Karel, Rob, Vincent, Daryl, Jaymz etc...

I usually give my art heels a man's name. Reason behind it is that heels all started with men. Just look it up;). Most names that I've given my heels belong to members of my family, people close to me or to those whom they look like haha.


Over the years I've painted some flat shoes too


And back to heels again;)


My biggest paint project ever. I don't even want to count all the hours I spent on these boots haha....